Tuesday, October 23, 2012


For a while now, Wednesday has been one of those guilty pleasure names for me. I love the name, though I doubt I could get it across the board when the time came and yes, I do love the character from ‘The Addams Family’. In any case, I have always seemingly had a sympathetic ear to any ‘day-names’. When Nicole Kidman named her daughter Sunday, I thought it was darling, though the combination with the middle name that I think caused more of the problems.

While those two days are the most commonly, if used, ‘day-names’, this week I am going to write up about the days of the week and since this is a Tuesday, what could be better than starting with this name.

Tuesday Weld (b. 1943)
Tuesday (pronounced: TOOZ-day) is obviously the English word for the day of the week but it derives from the Old EnglishTiwesdæg’ which literally means ‘Tiw’s Day’. Tiw is the Old English form of the Proto-Germanic god ‘Tiwaz’ or ‘Tyr’ in Norse who was a God of War and Law. The Latin variation of Martis is named after the Roman god of war, Mars and means ‘day of Mars’ and is used in most languages with Latin Origins. In Slavic Languages, the name gains the meaning of ‘the second’, which also symbolizes its place in the week and in Japanese, the translation comes across as ‘fire day’.

While Wednesday is given a bad reputation as the day that is ‘full of woe’, in the Greek and Spanish speaking world, Tuesday is actually seen as an unlucky day and if the 13th day of the month falls on a Tuesday, well it is unlucky, just like how many Western cultures believe that if the 13th falls on a Friday, then it is an unlucky day. In the Thai solar calendar the name means ‘ashes of the dead’ and the colour that is associated with the name is pink.

Also, like I mentioned slightly earlier, like Wednesday’s child is full of woe, the folk rhyme states that ‘Tuesday’s child is full of grace’. That is quite a darling meaning especially against all the negativity or darkness that protrudes itself from some of the other meanings. It might also make an interesting way to honour a past family member who has the name Grace.

Tuesday is also associated with the planets Mars and Uranus – and it is the usual day for elections in the USA so it would make an eclectic choice for someone who is really into politics. There are other days associated with a Tuesday as well including Black Tuesday (part of the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929), Shrove Tuesday (precedes the first day of Lent in the Western Calender) and Fat Tuesday (associated with Mardi Gras and is the same day as Shrove Tuesday).

There are Tuesday’s in popular culture as well, though not as notable as Wednesday’s pop culture fixture. The American actress Susan Ker Weld changed her name to Tuesday Weld, the ‘That 70s Show’ spin-off, ‘That 80’s Show’ had a character called Jane Tuesday who went by the name Tuesday and in Jasper Fforde’s Bookworld novels there is a Tuesday Next, daughter of Thursday.

Tuesday is the third most favoured day of the week when it comes to naming children. Sunday comes first and is used on both males and females, and Wednesday is next but Tuesday follows close behind with 22 girls given the name this year. All the other days of the week have none. I do see Tuesday as one of the more viable ‘day-names’ and I think it would be a unique, quirky and lively choice for a daughter, even with all the meanings surrounding ‘ash’ and ‘unluckiness’. 

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