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In Retrospect: 1880 – Given To Seven Children

In this next segment of In Retrospect we take a look at the names that were given to 7 babies in 1880. There wasn't as much name choice in those days as there would be in future years (much joy to me when I try and narrow down babies in 2011 to just 10 for each) which means that many of these names have been heard of as they did make the Top 1000.

Like in the last segment, names that have modern use like Lea, Katy, Jessica, Felicia, Eugenie, Carol and Angela were given to 7 girls, and Miller, Duke, Roderick and Elliot where given to 7 boys. Vivian was given to 7 boys this year (it was given to 22 girls) as was Rose, Lindsay, Jennie and Connie and while there weren't any startling male names on the girls, though feminine variants were to be found.

Here is my selection of names Given to Seven Children in 1880:


Albertina – (pronounced: ahl-ber-TEE-nah) is another feminine diminutive of Albert. The variant Albertine was given to five babies but this variant of Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese background that means ‘noble, bright, famous’ was given to 7 in 1880. In 2011, sadly no babies received this name. I have a favouring towards the feminine Albert variants and with Alberta the only one listed (with 9 girls in 2011), I wish that more would see the charm in the names.

Clarence – (pronounced: KLAIR-rence) is a name of Latin origin, it means ‘bright’. This name is more typically seen on males but there is a possibility that this name could be seen on some little girls as an extended form of Clare. For males, the name has been steadily declining for some time, finally ousted from the Top 1000 in 2010 so maybe this is a chance for the females to take it on. However, in 2011, it was still given to 190 boys while less than 5, if any, girls were given the name so there would still be a long way to go to see this change.

Delphia – (pronounced: DEL-fee-ah) is a name of English/Greek origin and is possibly derived from the Greek city of Delphi. It is also a possible variant of a Greek word meaning ‘dolphin’. Greek names with historical or place significance always seem to have an air of intelligence to them and this bears no exception. This would fit with people who like Athena and Penelope. It was given to less than 5 or no babies in 2011.

St Eulalia
Doshie – (pronounced: DOE-she) is a name derived from the Latin language and means ‘one who is a gift from God’. Now I had heard nothing quite like this name in the recent charts or even something that looked like it. I think it is charming vintage-esque-nickname-name that is ever so popular right now so that works for it. In 2011, it was given to less than 5, if any, babies.

Eulalia – (pronounced: yoo-LAY-lee-ah) is a Greek name meaning ‘sweet-speaking’ or ‘to talk well’. It was the name of a notable Saint and Martyr who was born in Spain and is the patron Saint of Barcelona. In 2011 it was given to 25 baby girls. The alternative, Eulalie, was used by Edgar Allen Poe in his poem ‘Eulalie – A Song’ and was given to less than 5, or none at all, in 2011.

Hedwig – (pronounced HED-vikh) is a German name that means ‘war’. There was a 13th Century German saint with the name and a 14th century Polish Queen but nowadays, it is a not heard as a name except on Harry Potter’s owl. It was given to less than five, or none at all in 2011 and I think this name might be one that was given to none.

Maymie – (pronounced MAY-mee) is either a variant of the name Mary meaning ‘star of the sea’ or a diminutive of Margaret meaning ‘pearl’. It is close to the name Mamie, seen on Meryl Streep’s daughter. It was given to less than 5 to none at all in 2011 but it fits in with the nicknames-as-names trend that is quite prominent at the moment, especially in the UK.

Neppie – (pronounced NEP-ee) is a Greek name meaning ‘weaver; duck’. It is also a diminutive of Penelope and was a common nickname from the 17th to 19th centuries. It might be an interesting choice as a nickname as 1847 girls where named Penelope in 2011, which might even rise in the coming year thanks to two celebrity babies (Tina Fey’s daughter and Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter) given the name this year. It would be different to the other nicknames of Penny and Nell. As a given name though, it was given to less than 5, or none at all in 2011.

Rillie – (pronounced: RIY-lee) is a German name meaning ‘brook’. The name could be an alternative to Riley (ranked #47 for girls in 2011). Surprisingly, with so many people liking a variation spelling, this name was given to less than 5 or none at all in 2011.

Yetta – (pronounced: YEH-tuh) is a Yiddish name meaning ‘light’. While the meaning is quite nice, there is something I can’t quite put my finger on with this name. In 2011, the name was given to less than 5, or no girls at all, which is not much of a surprise to me.


Alcide – (pronounced: AL-seed) is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘the strong kind’. Alcide was given to less than 5 babies last year, despite the fact that it is the name of the main werewolf on HBO’s True Blood. The name that it is derived from, Alcides however was given to 7 babies in 2011.

Eligah – (pronounced: i-LIE-jah) is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘my God is Yahweh’. It is a spelling variant to the wildly popular ‘Elijah’ which is now currently ranked at #13 on the US charts, #78 in Canada, #44 in Australia, #424 in France and #332 in the Netherlands. However, this spelling was given to 14 boys in 2011.

Hollis – (pronounced: HAHL-is) is an English surname derived from Middle English meaning ‘holly trees’. It has not only been used on males but was also used on girls though it had more popularity on the male side but as a feminine choice would be suitable for those who like the name Wallis. In 2011, 101 boys were given the name Hollis and 60 girls were given the name.

Math – (pronounced: math) is a name of Welsh origin of uncertain meaning. Math was a divine figure in Welsh legend who was the son of Mathonwy and ruled over Gwynedd in north Wales. Unfortunately, to me, it just reminds me of the dreaded school subject. In 2011, less than 5 were given the name, however, it would be a plausible nickname for a Mathew or Matthias.

Orson Welles
Miller – (pronounced: MILL-er) is an English Occupational Name meaning grinder of grain. It currently ranks itself on the US charts at number #925 with 215 boys given the name last year, it was the first time it has appeared on the charts since 1943. Miller is also a common surname.

Orson – (pronounced: AWR-son) is a name of Latin and English origin meaning ‘bear cub’ The name brings back memories of Old Hollywood aka. Orson Welles. It currently does not rank in the US and only 33 boys were given the name last year. It is a shame as I think that this name has a lot of potential as a first name.

Percival – (pronounced: PUR-si-val) is a name from Welsh Mythology created by the 12th century French poet Chretien de Troyes whose poem, ‘Percival, the story of the Grail, depicts the story of one of King Arthur’s Knights. With this gallant imagery behind it, the name actually means ‘one who pierces the valley’. The name does not currently rank in the US but was given to 13 boys last year.

Raoul – (pronounced: RAH-ool) is a French variation of the name Ralph and means ‘wolf-counsel’. There are plenty of namesakes for this name from the literary characters of The Phantom of the Opera’s Raoul and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’s Raoul Duke to the real life people of French Painter, Raoul Dufy and Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish businessman who rescued thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. The name does not currently rank in the US and was only given to 6 boys last year.

Theron – (pronounced: F-ron) is an Ancient Greek name meaning ‘hunter’. The most famous person bearing the name today is South African actress, Charlize Theron who bears it as her last name. The name however does not rank in the US but was given to 87 boys last year though I could also see it as a possible girls name as well. It would fit along with the Archer’s and Hunter’s.

Tobias – (pronounced: to-BIE-as) is a Biblical name of Greek and Hebrew origin and means ‘God is good’. Currently ranked at #538 on the US charts with 470 boys given the name last year, it is also popular in Europe with it currently ranked #2 in Austria, #20 in Denmark, #79 in the Netherlands and #6 in Norway. The name has plenty of namesakes as well Tobias ‘Toby’ Raggs from Sweeney Todd, the first name of Professor Snape’s father is Tobias in the Harry Potter series and Tobey Maguire’s birth name was Tobias. 

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