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A name created by J.M Barrie for his classic tale ‘Peter Pan’, Wendy peaked back in 1970 at number #28 but has managed to stay in the Top 1000 till this date. As literary names continue to influence baby names and with such a classic tale such as ‘Peter Pan’, I doubt that Wendy would ever not be given to a baby but it seems the love for this name is dwindling out.
Wendy Darling

Wendy was created by Barrie for his play from his nickname ‘fwendly’ that was bestowed upon him by a young friend. The nickname means ‘friend’ and whilst many literary names don’t have actual meanings, I think it can be said that this name can take on the meaning of ‘friend’ which is a nice meaning to have. The name could also be an interesting nickname for Gwendolyn other than the typical Gwen which will give the name the additional meaning of ‘white, fair, blessed’.

The name is currently sitting in the US Top 1000 (though the current list is of 2011) at #677 with 413 girls given the name and 5 boys given the name as well. The name is also ranked #246 in France, though going down, and #470 in the Netherlands, though it entered the charts for the first time in 2011.

As for me, I quite like the name Wendy, it brings up images of the tale and about a girl who came around to believe in fairies and learnt it was okay to grow old but to never fully grow up but unfortunately, in America, Wendy seems to be past it’s used by date. Many see it as a mum name, which is explainable when looking at where the name peaked but as an Australian, I can honestly say I have never met a mum with that name and it might be seen as fresh and exciting for cultures other than American. For me, it fits in with names like Betty and Hattie rather than Susan and Barbara and I think it would be darling (pun noticed as I typed it out) on a little 21st century girl. 


  1. It wasn't exactly created by Barrie, as it had already been in rare use for several centuries. There is both a place name and a surname Wendy, which means "island on the river bend". The name was given to both boys and girls.

    Barrie re-imagined it at least, and certainly gave it a sweet image. I do actually know several older mums named Wendy (in the 40-55 age group), but I think it is still usable today.

  2. A recent love of mine, I think Wendy is definitely still useable today in the United States.


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