Saturday, September 15, 2012

All The Ways You Can Say: Lily

Stargazer Lily
Ever been interested in a name or meaning but don’t like the sound of it for a name or that it is just too popular for your tastes. How about saying the word in another language? This is what this segment is all about. I will usually show you my top ten favourites for each name but this first name has quite a few I want to mention. If there is a name you wish for me to do, feel free to enter it into the comments.

First name is.... Lily.
  • Lelie (Afrikaans/Dutch) – pronounced: LEEL-li
  • Shushan (Armenian) – pronounced: SHOO-shun
  • Zanbaq (Azerbaijani) – pronounced: zan-BACK
  • Nalina (Bengali) – pronounced: na-LEE-na
  • Iliri (Catalan) – pronounced: -il-LI-ri
  • Liryo (Filipino) – pronounced: LEER-ee-oh (also: Lírio [Portugese & Spanish])
  • Lis/Lys (French) – pronounced: lees
  • Krínos (Greek) – pronounced: KREE-nos
  • Liliom (Hungarian) – pronounced: LEE-li-om
  • Giglio (Italian) – pronounced: GEE-loo
  • Yuri (Japanese) – pronounced: U-ree
  • Lilium (Latin) – pronounced: LEE-li-um
  • Lilija (Latvian) – pronounced: LEE-li-ah (also: Liliya [Belarusian]; Liilia [Estonian]; Leilja [Lithuanian])
  • Teretai (Malay) – pronounced: TEAR-a-thai
  • Crin (Romanian) – pronounced: CREEN
  • Kuvalai (Tamil) – pronounced: koo-VAH-lai

1 comment:

  1. My favourites on your list are Lilium, Lelie and Nalina.

    Would love to see this perspective for more top names :)


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