Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All The Ways To You Can Say: Rose

The name Rose conjurs up many a pretty picture but unfortunately, it has lost some of its charm now as every second child that you meet somehow has the middle name 'Rose'. It tends to end up as a bit of a filler-name, placed in the middle because it has a nice flowing sound. Don't get me wrong, I like the name, I could even see myself using it as a middle name but if you want to still want to honour the name Rose but don't want 'Rose', here are some other ways to say it:

·         Opgestaan (Afrikaans)
·         Trëndafil (Albanian)
·         Vard (Armenian)
·         Gül (Azerbaijani)
·         Igo (Basque)
·         Ruža (Belarusian/Croatian)
·         Gōlāpī (Bengali)
·         Roza (Bulgarian/Russian)
·         Rosa (Catalan/Galican/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
·         Méiguī (Chinese Traditional)
·         Růže (Czech)
·         Steg (Danish/Norwegian)
·         Roos (Dutch/Estonian)
·         Leviĝis (Esperanto)
·         Rosas (Filipino)
·         Ruusu (Finnish)
·         Triantáfyllo (Greek)
·         Leve (Haitian Creole)
·         Gulāba (Hindi)
·         Rózsa (Hungarian)
·         Hækkaði (Icelandic)
·         Mawar (Indonesian)
·         Ardaigh (Irish)
·         Bara (Japanese)
·         Gulābi (Kannada)
·         Jangmi (Korean)
·         Surrexit (Latin)
·         Rožu (Latvian)
·         Rožė (Lithuanian)
·         Zgolemi (Macedonian)
·         Meningkat (Malay)
·         Tela (Maltese)
·         Róża (Polish)
·         Trandafir (Romanian)
·         Ruža (Serbian)
·         Ruže (Slovak)
·         Ökade (Swedish)
·         Rōjā (Tamil)
·         Kuh̄lāb (Thai)
·         Gül (Turkish)
·         Troyanda (Ukranian)
·         Tăng (Vietnamese)
·         Rhoysn (Welsh)
·         Rwyz (Yiddish)


  1. Love this, but none of these names feels that usable to me (maybe Tela or Igo), especially without an emotional connection.

  2. I'm led to believe that Roos is regularly used in the Netherlands as a name, which rocks. Here in the UK, Rosie outranks Rose as a FN :)

  3. Umm..."Cododd" means "he/she rose/stood" in Welsh. "Rhosyn" is the flower and is also used as a name in Wales. Great list otherwise :)

    1. Thanks, I am using Google Translate so I guess it just took Rose by another meaning. I will fix that up.

  4. Love the name Rose, and this list :)

    You got the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian words wrong though, guessing google translate used another meaning.

    Rose in Swedish is "Ros", "Ökade" is rose as in increase. Danish is "Rose" and Norwegian is "Roser". :)

    1. Thanks - I'll go and change them. Yeah, I think google used another meaning.

  5. The modern Hebrew names Varda and Vered mean rose

  6. Surrexit is rose as in rise, risen (Latin). Too many of these aren't correct, makes me not want to trust any of them!!! It's like getting a tattoo of "special fried rice"...


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